The Power Of Positive Thinking

How often in life do we say to ourselves, nothing I do ever works out? I always seem to have bad luck! Why do bad things happen to me? Many, simply accept this situation and carry on through life with a pessimistic attitude. Not realising, that the answer to changing their lives, in a positive and fulfilling way, lies within their own grasp. The answer my friends; is Positive Thinking! First of all, no one has to accept their life as it is. Rarely, is bad luck or difficult circumstances a result of a random occurrence. Accept in the situations of ill health or Acts of God. Even then, ill health in many cases can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle.

If you have been a heavy drinker or smoker for 20 years, you cannot blame bad luck on developing a debilitating illness which is linked to these substances. Anymore then you can blame God, if you insist on taking unnecessary risks in your daily life and then end up getting hurt, and yet many do.

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