The Cherry Blossom Tree

I have always loved the Cherry Blossom Tree’s, and at this time of the year, they can be seen in their full resplendent glory. From the deepest pinks to the palest whites with tips of pink, they are breathtakingly beautiful. For me, the feelings this tree evoked, was more then just an appreciation of its beauty, but it touched something deeply inside that transcended the visual and became a spiritual connection.It was with this in mind, that I decided to see if there was more to this beautiful tree then met the eye and this is what I discovered. I would like to share it with you.Cherry trees and their blossoms in Japan go by the name of sakura and carry a great cultural meaning and significance for the people of Japan. The word sakura would translate as the Japanese flowering cherry tree in English whereas the blossoms are referred to as cherry blossoms.

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