Agree To Disagree

Not everyone will agree with you in this life, do not let anger rise, instead agree to disagree & move forwards blessing those that do not share your opinion. For that is all it is most of the time, people frequently have arguments over an opinion, which all depends on your viewpoint. You must remember that they see from another angle. Imagine two people looked at an apple tree one from a north standing position and one from a south standing position.

The first man counts fourteen apples, on the tree he can see from his angle of view. The second man can see  just eight apples. Now neither are right or wrong, as there is actually twenty apples on the tree, both men cannot see fully, yet they see in part. The first man saw a few more apples because his viewpoint was slightly better. But this still did not make him totally right, as he missed six apples. He could not see the full story.

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