Over the last week or so, the word ‘Duality’ has come up in different media forms and also in books I have read. Because this word kept ‘popping’ up, it made me think. I thought, what does this word mean to me. So I decided to write about it and this is where my thoughts took me. I’d like to share them with you.

Duality, to me represents division, or an inner pull in two directions. This can be taken as a contradiction within our natures or personality. For example a spiritual aspect or facet of the personality, pulling against a more pleasure loving in its base form, or materialistic aspect of the personality. This pull between the esoteric mind with its higher spiritual aspirations and the desire for more physical gratification, often presents itself as a dilemma for someone who seriously wishes to follow a spiritual path, believing that they must be of either one or the other mind set.

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