Overcoming Fear

Fear is what we feel when facing danger and the fear reaction is a natural primitive response. Invaluable to our ancestors whose lives were very different to ours. Life for them was a daily struggle to survive. The most basic response to fear is the ‘fight or flight’ reflex. Which allowed us to outrun preditors in a hostile world. Modern man does not have to deal with sabre toothed tigers or marauding rival tribes. What we do have to face is a world in which we are often put under a tremendous amount of mental and emotional pressure.

Stress, has been called the scourge of modern society; And is responsible for millions of people every year being off work. Fear can take many forms. There is a normal fear which causes us to avoid dangerous situations, which is healthy. There are phobia’s where someone may have a severe fear reaction, to what might seem to the majority of us to be a normal part of every day life. This kind of fear can be very debilitating.

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Mind Magic

Mind Magic something that everyone can do. In fact, everyone performs mind magic all the time. This is the heart of great psychic activity. Morning, noon, and night, you are performing mind magic with your inner thoughts and dialogue that you engage in. You see that mind magic objectified and solidified in the form of the reality that you experience on a daily basis.

To understand mind magic, it is necessary to understand that what we see through our eyes is actually a reflection of what is going on in our mind! That is, reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true in our mind. Our eyes are simply tools that reflect back to us what we are projecting outward with the psychic energy within our mind.

Our mental capacity determines the circumstances and events of our experiential reality. The magic power of the mind can be seen in such phenomena as dreams, perspectives, and healing. Each of these aspects of mind magic affects the experiential reality that we participate morning, noon and night.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing or psychic healing has existed for centuries, and is found in almost every culture throughout history. Most types of spiritual healing involve energy, both inside and outside of the body. The purpose of most techniques is to cleanse and clear the body’s life force of negative obstructions, so that the mind, body and soul can harmonize. A lot of spiritual health practitioners see this as the only true path to whole health.

One of the benefits of spiritual healing is to enable total healing and not just curing symptoms. If mind, body and spirit can be made to work properly together, the illness can start to heal. It is usually believed by spiritual healing enthusiasts that any disorder, be it bodily, psychological or emotional, begins in the mind, at least in  part.

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Psychic Awareness

How many of us have often wondered am I psychic? So very often do I come across this question, or someone asking me if I feel they could be? So I thought I would write a little on my personal experience and knowledge on the matter. For me psychic awareness and intuition go hand in hand, though not everyone would agree. I remember when I first decided to embrace and work with my gifts, and trusting intuition was the key just going with the feeling and spitting it out rather than doubting what you get. Confidence is also a main plus, by confidence I mean trusting your hunches and thoughts and running with them, not I am right and you will listen to me!! This is ego not confidence a distinct difference I believe. One for never being egotistical trying to give a reading and trusting what I get was a challenge, fear holding me back for many years. The fear of being judged, getting it wrong, being told I am an awful psychic. All of these things held me back from giving psychic readings for a very long time, and it was only when I received the support and backing from my husband that I fully took the reins. I have never looked back since and love giving readings now.

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How To Become Rich Overnight

A poor man becomes rich, the moment that he discovers the treasure hidden in his heart. You do not have to look far to find your fortune, it lies in waiting beneath the exterior that you show to the world.

Deep within you is the answer to all of your dreams, if you just look within and stop looking everywhere but yourself for the answer to happiness.

Yes it is that simple, it only takes a change in attitude a dropping of all the barriers that keep you far from love. That is all you need to do.

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Activating The Third Eye

Quantum physics have shown us that the Universe is made up of vibrating energy. Everything, including us humans, is made up of light energy vibrating at difference frequencies and various speeds. We, as multidimensional beings, are composed of 7 levels of psychic energy and engulfed in an aura of electromagnetic light energy. The centres of energy are called chakras. Each chakra represents a certain aspect of creation and governs a certain part of the body. Energy comes in and out of through the body through each chakra and has a direct effect on our experiential reality. Along with the aura, the chakras make up our energetic light body.

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