Psychic Awareness

How many of us have often wondered am I psychic? So very often do I come across this question, or someone asking me if I feel they could be? So I thought I would write a little on my personal experience and knowledge on the matter. For me psychic awareness and intuition go hand in hand, though not everyone would agree. I remember when I first decided to embrace and work with my gifts, and trusting intuition was the key just going with the feeling and spitting it out rather than doubting what you get. Confidence is also a main plus, by confidence I mean trusting your hunches and thoughts and running with them, not I am right and you will listen to me!! This is ego not confidence a distinct difference I believe. One for never being egotistical trying to give a reading and trusting what I get was a challenge, fear holding me back for many years. The fear of being judged, getting it wrong, being told I am an awful psychic. All of these things held me back from giving psychic readings for a very long time, and it was only when I received the support and backing from my husband that I fully took the reins. I have never looked back since and love giving readings now.

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