Messages From Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are multidimensional beings that are assigned to us at or before the time of birth. Their purpose is to help and guide us through life as we go through Earth lessons and experiences.

Spirit guides manifest themselves in all different forms. Everyone has at least one spirit guide that is assigned to us for the duration of our entire lifetime. This guide could be someone that has a psychic connection to us in one form or another. For instance, a spirit guide could be a friend from a previous lifetime. In other instances, a guide could simply be someone from one’s Soul Team – that is part of a group of friends from the other side who have traveled with you through several lifetimes.

We usually have up to seven Spirit Guides at any given moment in time. Whilst we have one guide who remains with us for our lifetime, there are other guides that come to aid us at just the right time when we need them. These additional guides are part of our Soul team, consisting of teachers, helpers, and friends from all realms and dimensions.

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