Past Life Regression

The concept of reincarnation is accepted by many belief systems of the East and more and more people of a spiritual nature throughout the world. The word “reincarnation” derives from Latin, literally meaning, “entering the flesh again”. Some questions which come to mind when examining reincarnation ideas are: Have I lived before? What is the reason for rebirth? Can understanding past lives give one greater insight into this life?

Why doesn’t our present personality remember past lives? What are the pros and cons of getting understanding into our past lives? Can remembering past mistakes and difficult relationships we had with other individuals (some of them which could’ve been quite difficult) hinder our interaction with these people in this life if we remember the past mistakes? Many people who believe in reincarnation also believe in Karma, ( the law of balance) accepting the premise that we meet many of the same souls that played a significant part in our former life’s again and again. It is said that the people we love and the people we have the most difficulty with we will be reborn with in a future life.

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