Understanding The Ego

There are actually three parts to the human ego, Id, Ego, and the Super Ego. Let’s start with Id, Id is a primal instinct we are born with, this is the part of our mind that drives impulses and desires of what our human body and mind need. The Id serves to make sure we get what we need to satisfy our basic desires and strives to get us what we need when we need it. For example a new born child does not understand patience and having to wait.

When a new born needs feeding, comfort, cleanliness or sleep the child will cry out and not stop until the need is fulfilled. This is the job of the id to protect from hunger, pain, fatigue or any other discomfort. Without this part of our instinct we could not survive. This part of our mind is regarded as the unconscious part of our persona that is the basic life force, striving to get us the primal needs and protection for survival. It is the part that protects us from danger and death. Id is also the genetic build-up of our personality, the parts that are genetically taken from our parents, grandparents etc. And through all of these inherited genes makes us what we are and how we handle this world, and all the challenges it brings.

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