The Heart And The Higher Self

Though no energy center is ‘more important’ than another, the heart chakra is the multidimensional filter of our existence. Here, we learn to see with the brain and think with the heart.

When the heart chakra is activated and open, you begin to live in a state of compassion. You have this compassion for all things, including yourself. You love others, unconditionally, just as you love yourself. You evolve away from creating with the lower vibrational energy fear to creating with the empowering energy of love. This is what it’s like to live from the frequency of love.

Once you have experienced opening up your heart chakra it is a natural progression to work on the 6 other major chakras within the etheric body. The goal being to become aware of and integrate these energy centres to create a loving and unifying existence. From this state of being, you are able to compassionately extract the loving aspects of everyone and everything.

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