Amulets And Talismans

Amulets have been worn for protection for thousands of years. Early peoples lived in a world where strange and frightening things occurred that defied explanation. Consequently, amulets were used to protect homes, families, and livestock. Amulets were also used to protect people from the “evil eye.” The belief that a person or animal could harm another by staring at them with an evil eye dates back at least five thousand years, and ancient clay tablets have been found that describe the damage that the evil eye can inflict. The Sumerian god Ea spent most of his time fighting the evil eye. Even today, in many parts of the world, the evil eye is considered a major threat, and various kinds of amulets are used to avert it.

Apparently in a recent survey, funeral directors had said that there had been a big increase in the use of Amulets being buried with their clients and that this trend was worldwide. This raised an interesting point that there is a real upsurge in people’s belief in the spirit unseen world. Maybe it is an interesting sign of the times we live in, it can be a frightening place to be and with the upswing in interest in the Occult, the hidden spiritual realms, we are reverting back to using our intuitive, sensitive side in relation to the world around us. These amulets, talismans offering comfort a feeling of protection that they had offered to our ancestors.

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