Living In The Present Moment

To be present, in ‘this’ moment, you would think a simple thing; And yet, if you were to ask people what they were thinking, in any given moment, invariably the answer would probably be, anything other then focusing completely on talking to you! The truth is, we are always either planning ahead or doing a mental re-run in our heads of old conversations and experiences. We all worry, we all try to second guess ourselves and other people.


How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something, because you kept on focusing on every possible reason why and how something would go wrong or not work out? Or become so indecisive, that the opportunity being presented to you, had passed you by before you had made your mind up? Staying in the present moment has many benefits. It cultivates mental discipline. You are less likely to be distracted. Every task you did, would have a hundred percent of your attention. Your standard of work would improve and your memory would sharpen. If people worried less, they would get much more work done, and have more quality time to spend on their families or do more pleasurable things that enhances their lives.

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