Black Magic

Black Magic, often known as the ‘dark arts’ has been around for centuries. It can be described as magic used for personal gain. In medieval times, those who were thought to be practising any sort of magic would be executed. The authorities did not distinguish between white and black magic – they assumed all magic was bad. Some of these assumptions still linger today; however, there is a fine line between white and black magic and it is important to know the difference. You may think that the simple love spell you are doing is safe, and won’t harm another, but do remember that people have free will, and any effects will be temporary. If you broke up for a reason, the same problem will surface again, unless you confront it with love and wisdom.

If you are interested in psychic phenomena and esoteric subjects such as the afterlife and angels, for example, you may decide to investigate further by doing some practical activities by yourself. You may wish to practise tarot or the crystal ball, for example. These activities, used properly, are not harmful, but it is best to visit a psychic rather than do these things by yourself. This is because psychics know how to use these tools and there is a common belief that it is impossible to read one’s own future. It is also thought to bring bad luck.

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