Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are extremely common. Whether you are flying in a flying machine, such as a passenger airplane, or flying under your own steam, like a bird in the sky. A flight in a plane enables the dreamer to gain an overview of the landscape (your life) ahead of them, and to prepare for obstacles or problems in the future.

Piloting a plane in your dream represents a need to fly high above our peers, or perhaps to excel and chase our aspirations. Flying in a passenger aircraft probably indicates a desire to travel, to leave behind the familiar and seek out exotic new places.  It may also be a symptomatic of a need to leave behind the mundane ties of the earth, to sample the freedom of the skies; this is especially likely if you find yourself flying with friends. Solo flight is more likely to be a sign of ambition.

An important part of flying dreams, can also be the kind of landscape the dreamer flies over.  Your reaction to the landscape, the feelings it evokes within you. Imaginative people may conjure up more scenic and fantastic landscapes then the more practical people. Cities symbolise the community, and the dreamers relationship with it.  Misty indistinct buildings may indicate the dreamers lack of understanding of others; or express their lack of understanding or unease in personal relationships. A futuristic city is generally a sign of optimism and happiness: The dreamer looks towards a bright future with great hope and expectations. Visiting a strange city, may indicate that circumstances may force a house move.

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Disaster Dreams

isaster dreams are one of the most common types of dream that people will experience throughout their lifetime. Whether  fire, flood, storms, earthquakes or tidal waves; a disaster dream indicates a sudden change in some area of your life.

Fire traditionally represents passion, creativity and sometimes danger. There is a world of difference between the warm fire burning in the grate and a forest fire growing wildly out of control; in dream symbolism the first represents a love of one’s domestic situation, the second a person in crisis, overwhelmed by passion and feelings. Brightly burning flames in a fireplace are an expression of a healthy imagination. If you dream of getting burnt by fire, you must guard against losing your temper.

A dream in which you set fire to a house may be a sign of self-loathing and deep anger. The house represents the dreamer’s soul. This is a dream that is asking you to look closely at why you are feeling like this. Fire is also a transforming force, altering everything it touches. So it is also a symbol of change and sometimes destruction. Smoke is often considered an unlucky sign and some dream interpreters believe it is a sign of death. Alternatively others, see smoke as being connected to the spirit. Another form of purification. As smoke in some cultures is seen as being an important part of the rituals of spiritual cleansing. You may wonder which of the dream meanings will apply to you. The answer will depend on its context  within the dream and other dream symbols.

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Nightmare Dreams

Nightmares are often the product of an anxious mind. When the dreamer’s problems and fears, which are suppressed during the day, manifest themselves as a terrifying dream, jerking the dreamer awake. Nightmares that begin as narrative dreams and end with the dreamer in a state of distress are usually rooted in the problems and fears of the dreamers every day life. The dreamer may feel any number of disturbing emotions in a nightmare, such as anger, guilt, sadness or depression, but the most common feelings are fear and anxiety.

Nightmare themes may vary widely from person to person and in frequency.  The most common nightmare theme is being chased. Adults are commonly chased by an unknown male figure whereas children are commonly chased by an animal or some fantasy figure.

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Positive Thinking

Your whole life is a reflection of what you think, you create the world you see with your every thought. If your mind is full of positivity, you will see a world brimming with happiness and opportunity. On the other hand if your mind is full of negativity, all you will see is problems and a lack of hope. The world can become very dark if your mind has lost its positive glow.

The mind is very fragile, you should tend to it like a garden, beautiful thoughts will not flower if your mind is full of invasive negative thoughts. How can you expect to find happiness, if you allow those negative thoughts to grow unchecked. You must see them for what they are, you must remove them from your mind, and in their place you must sow the seed of understanding instead. When you begin to understand, doubt and confusion begins to die within your mind. Problems only take root, because you are left in the dark, if your mind is full of light it goes without saying, that you will see more and know more.

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Developing Psychic Awareness

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have psychic abilities. Or, how you might be able to develop or enhance existing gifts? If the answer is Yes to either of these questions, then read on! First of all, let us get one thing clear from the outset. You do have psychic abilities! It is my belief that all human beings are born with the psychic sense. An ability, that uses the vehicle of our other five senses of sight, sense, taste, smell and touch; And is often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’.

Examples of  how our ‘sixth sense’ or ‘psychic awareness’ manifests itself, can be seen in numerous different ways. The phone rings and you ‘just know’ who is calling. You suddenly think of someone you have not seen or heard from for ages, and you bump into them unexpectedly while out shopping later that day or the day after. These are examples of ‘precognition’ or ‘clairvoyance’.

Have you ever walked into a room, and even though everyone is looking and behaving normally, you can ‘feel’ something is not right. There is an old expression that refers to this experience as “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife”. Meaning that the air or energy in the room, felt ‘thick’ with emotion; so noticeable it was a physically tangible thing. Or you have been talking to  a friend, and for no reason suddenly felt compelled to bring up a topic of conversation, that turns out to be about something your friend has been secretly worrying about and needed to unburden themselves about it to someone. These are examples of ‘clairsentiance’, which is the ability to psychically connect to someone through the psychic sense of emotional or empathic awareness.

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Love Is The Solution

The world we live in is becoming more hectic and volatile, as cities and countries become more and more overcrowded, the personal space of an individual is becoming more fraught with friction. Today’s society has become less patient, people are getting used to getting things instantly, from fast food to the latest gadget. This only increases an individuals hunger to fight for whatever they may want. Patience seems to be a thing of the past, and people will do anything to feed their wants and desires.

You do not have to follow the same path as everyone else, you can tread a different path, you can follow the way of the wise, making love, peace and patience your trusty friends. You do not need to argue and fight with life or the world, this will only leave you entrapped within a society that cares more for materialism than the well-being of it’s individuals. Step out of the circle my friend, there is another way, you must drop the need for instant gratification, this only continues the internal fight, which more often than not results in external arguments, be that with your friends and family or a neighbour or work colleagues.

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