Learning From Your Mistakes

I do not believe that there is a single person living, who can claim, that in their whole life they have never made a mistake. Indeed, most people will tell you, that it has been through their mistakes, that they have learned the most valuable life lessons. I believe the real tragedy is when people do not recognise their mistakes and continue to keep repeating them, and so embarks on a neverending cycle of behaviour, that does not help them to move forward and improve their lives.

Having said this, I do not want to diminish the impact that making mistakes, errors of judgement, can have on peoples lives. There is no doubt, that the affects of our actions can carry with them, the most terrible of consequences. The business man, who having made a poor judgement call, or took one risk to many; knows the bitter taste of bankruptcy. The husband or wife who felt taken for granted and in one mad moment, throws away many years of happy marriage; friends for many years, betray a confidence one too many times, knows the cold reality of being ostracized. The driver behind the wheel, who in a moment of inattention and carelessness, causes an accident that changes his life and the lives of others forever.

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