Learning To Let Go

Life often presents us with personal and professional challenges, particularly within our personal relationships, professional and working lives. It is said, that the true test of a persons character comes, when faced with adversity in all its many different forms; And that it is those of us who manage to stand strong and steadfast, not running away from what is difficult that are the strongest and most successful of all.

But,  is staying  in a situation come what may,  always the right thing to do? Can there be instances, where the most sensible course of action would be to walk away? Take the example of the business man who has done everything in his power to make a success of his company. Re-mortgaged his home and taken on too many expensive loans. There comes a point when an individual has to accept that in spite of their best efforts, they are not going to be able to save their business.  But find it very difficult to make the decision to cut their losses and start afresh. There can be many reasons for this. Loss of prestige, fear of looking a failure to family and friends, or simply that they are unable to face up to the reality of the situation. If only they could see that it takes more courage and strength of character to start again, then it does to hang on to something long after it has ceased to be viable.

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