Communicating With Spirit

Communicating with spirit is something that comes naturally, if you are a medium. Mediums often start to see,, or hear, spirits when they are young children. Some people believe that all of us are able to do this because our minds are open to unexplained phenomena, as we don’t have to rationalise everything. Unfortunately, as we grow older we become suspicious of anything that we can’t explain. Adults tell us there is no such thing as ghosts, so we stop believing in them. It isn’t known why mediums still retain the ability to communicate with spirit; however, a lot of mediums come from families who are also mediums, so this may have something to do with it.

All of have latent psychic powers, which can be developed further. Communicating with spirit is something that not all of us will be able to do, yet there are some things you can try, which may open up channels of communication between you. It is important to remember that spirits are like people; there are kind ones and there are malicious ones who enjoy causing trouble. There are also some evil spirits that are linked to black magic, so you should be careful that you don’t become mixed up in the dark arts, when you first attempt to communicate with spirit.

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