Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are extremely common. Whether you are flying in a flying machine, such as a passenger airplane, or flying under your own steam, like a bird in the sky. A flight in a plane enables the dreamer to gain an overview of the landscape (your life) ahead of them, and to prepare for obstacles or problems in the future.

Piloting a plane in your dream represents a need to fly high above our peers, or perhaps to excel and chase our aspirations. Flying in a passenger aircraft probably indicates a desire to travel, to leave behind the familiar and seek out exotic new places.  It may also be a symptomatic of a need to leave behind the mundane ties of the earth, to sample the freedom of the skies; this is especially likely if you find yourself flying with friends. Solo flight is more likely to be a sign of ambition.

An important part of flying dreams, can also be the kind of landscape the dreamer flies over.  Your reaction to the landscape, the feelings it evokes within you. Imaginative people may conjure up more scenic and fantastic landscapes then the more practical people. Cities symbolise the community, and the dreamers relationship with it.  Misty indistinct buildings may indicate the dreamers lack of understanding of others; or express their lack of understanding or unease in personal relationships. A futuristic city is generally a sign of optimism and happiness: The dreamer looks towards a bright future with great hope and expectations. Visiting a strange city, may indicate that circumstances may force a house move.

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