Psychic Vampires

When someone mentions the term Psychic Vampires, most people will picture Dracula in their mind, sucking the blood from some innocent young girl. In reality the term has nothing to do with Dracula, bar being symbolic of someone stealing your energy to make themselves feel better. Psychic Vampires are more often than not needy people,... Continue Reading →


Psychic Books To Read

One of the first things people do with a new interest is to buy a few books on the particular topic. Those interested in all things psychic and spiritual are no different, once the bug has taken hold of you, you search high and low for the next book, looking for some esoteric hidden truth.... Continue Reading →

Psychic Pets

We all love our pets, there is no doubt of that. They give us companionship, unconditional love and loyalty. They don’t talk back and are great at keeping secrets; And for many people who live alone, having a cat or dog to love and care for, can make the world of difference to their mental... Continue Reading →

Psychic Mediums Of The Past

As you grow older you start to see the world differently, the first thing you notice is that people in certain professions seem younger than you, when you were used to them looking older. It is quite odd to see a policeman who looks no older than a child orchestrating the traffic, or controlling an... Continue Reading →

TV Psychics

There are many TV psychics in England there is Derek Akorah, Gordon Smith, Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and Sally Morgan to name but a few of the best known names. In America the most popular TV psychics are John Edward, Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh. To be honest I am not very keen on... Continue Reading →

What Is A Psychic

What is a psychic? You may ask. They seem to be on TV, and in films and books, but what actually makes someone psychic. In this day and age, anyone can set themselves up as a psychic. Magazines and websites are full of people who profess to be able to connect with people who have... Continue Reading →

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