The Occult

The word Occult, for many conjures up a vision of dark forces or participants in supernatural activity of a dubious nature. Where in reality the word Occult taken from the Latin word ‘Occultus’ simply means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’. It also means a knowledge of the paranormal, esoteric ritual and words of power. Because many dark magic practices were often carried out in secret, the word Occult came to define this type of activity. But, in truth it represents so much more then that. Many spiritual principles come under the ‘umbrella’ term of the word occult.

While many of these principals are still kept under a cloak of mystery, the true nature of it’s roots, lies in paganism and nature based philosophies, which are now more well known, and thus, less frightening to the general public. Occult practices are ancient and modern as well. Many occult practices and occult power is passed from person to person, and these teachings are not widely available for public view, and so this tends to lend to the word occult, an aura of mystery. Over time there have been many secret or occult societies from the Rosicrucians to the Knights Templars and the Illuminati to name but a few.

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