Change For The Better

In general, I believe that human beings find change difficult. That they prefer the stability of life staying the same. Finding security in the the belief, that their lives will continue to be predictable. Even if at times it can be boring or monotonous. Unless of course they are going through difficult times. But the truth is that life never stays the same. We as individuals, are constantly changing. Not just from day to day. But from moment to moment. Our thoughts and beliefs about the world around us, continually shift and alter. Every interaction we have with another person, or life event experienced, will change us.

So why do people fear change? I believe as individuals we all handle change differently. Depending on our personalities and levels of self confidence. Confident, positive, curious people cope with change well. And often welcome it. People who are by nature timid and lacking in self esteem or of a nervous disposition, will not. It may be that they have come to associate change with great upheaval and negative experiences.

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