Psychic Books To Read

One of the first things people do with a new interest is to buy a few books on the particular topic. Those interested in all things psychic and spiritual are no different, once the bug has taken hold of you, you search high and low for the next book, looking for some esoteric hidden truth. There are millions of books out there, some old and some new books.

In general I prefer the old books, as some of the newer books can just be rehashed attempts at bringing an old book to life. Many authors bring out a first great book, but by the 30th book they can become a little boring and repetitive, their message has been given and they have nothing new to write. The spontaneity is lost and repetition replaces what was once a great and inspiring idea. I am sure you have read authors like this, there are a few that have managed to write book after book, with a constant fresh flow of inspiration, but this is rare.

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