Psychic Vampires

When someone mentions the term Psychic Vampires, most people will picture Dracula in their mind, sucking the blood from some innocent young girl. In reality the term has nothing to do with Dracula, bar being symbolic of someone stealing your energy to make themselves feel better.

Psychic Vampires are more often than not needy people, who find a willing victim who at the beginning is usually helpful and friendly, they take this as an open invitation to do as they please. The Psychic Vampire will happily unload all of their troubles on another person, in a sense they are trying to shift the weight of pain to another. Instead of taking ownership of their problems, they seek someone else who can carry the burden for them. The friend will get sucked in bit by bit by the drama of this persons life.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Vampires

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  1. My boyfriend has told me that I am a psychic vampire. He says I need to be more positive and after reading this article I finally Get a better understanding of what he means. Ouch. But, better to know and be able to work on this problem than to remain clueless of the issue.

    1. Very true, better to see our weaknessess, than to walk through life blindly. I am sure you will find a balanced way of telling your troubles and not overloading your boyfriend or friends one day. The problem is many don’t know when they have over-stepped the mark. I am glad you uinderstand.

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