Begin To Live

How many of us can say that we are really living our life, and not simply existing. That each day is very much like that last. Not that there is anything wrong with routine and predictability. What is wrong, is when people hide within the safe confines of their existence, because they are too afraid to do anything different. Not necessarily fear of change, but fear of life.

We all have little insecurities and fears about different things. While being cautious is sometimes wise, being too cautious can be paralysing. No one is suggesting that you should go out and start taking wild risks. Just introduce a little variety into your world by trying something new or different, can often be the catalyst for a new lease of life. If asked many people would say that commitments and responsibilities are what keeps them from making any significant lifestyle changes. But I believe the truth is that it is fear of the unknown and unfamiliar that holds them back.

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