Mind Energy

Human beings are first and foremost energy beings. Everyone has an energy counterpart which both occupies the body and extends beyond it as the aura: it is this that supplies, life, health and vitality to the physical body. When the energy system breaks down or is blocked in any way, related parts of the body cease to vibrate with life force, and this creates ill-health in the physical system. The concept of life force and the energy system are becoming increasingly accepted today.

Many of the alternative or complementary methods of healing, such as acupuncture, reflexology, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda (from Ayer – meaning ‘life’ and veda – meaning ‘knowledge or science’) to name but a few, have been based on these principles for centuries. For those of us who constantly use and work with energy experiences every day, believe that a full understanding of these energies could revolutionize our attitudes to physical and mental health.

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