Peace Of Mind

The mind is very fragile, it balances between two polarities, the negative and the positive, you must always seek to find the balance, or you become a slave to the conditions that surround you. Life has many ups and downs, you must learn to take defeat with acceptance, just as you gladly accept a victory. You need not fight with your troubles, you need to understand them, a lesson is being taught and you will gladly learn. The fly becomes more entrapped in the spiders web the more it struggles, you must learn that freedom, does not come from the struggle, it comes from accepting the situation as it is, only then can you find the solution, when you are utterly calm with the situation.

When the outcome has lost its importance, when the anger and resentment has faded, the answers will shine clearly before your eyes, the answers will open like a flower to the morning sun, be patient and let go of your worries, they control you more than you control them, while you fight with them, there will only be one winner, and that will not be you.

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