Talking To Your Higher Self

The higher self is the part of you that is connected to the source of all that is. This source is known by many names. Some call it the Godhead, Christ consciousness, Universal consciousness or creator energy. It all depends on your spiritual beliefs. It is believed that we are eternally joined to it, by our spiritual essence/soul; And that through this joining, we have access to a vast reservoir of information and wisdom.

Your higher self is constantly trying to get your attention. But finds it difficult to make itself heard, over the cacophony of noise and activity, that is a major part of our daily lives. That is why the most effective way of communicating with your higher self is through meditation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what meditation is, let me try to explain it in simple terms. Basically, it is a means of quietening down the mind. It is also very helpful as a relaxation tool.

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