Haunted By Fear

For those who suffer with fear, it is like being in a never ending nightmare. Every shadow and unexpected noise, just seems to add even more worry to the sufferers disposition. It is not easy trying to stay calm when the world is full of unexpected activity.

Let us rationalise first, not everything in life can be expected, there are few things that turn up at their allotted time. Only the rise of the sun and its setting can be expected, bar that everything else seems to be in a flux of change. So you must understand that most things, will not go exactly as planned.

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When It Rains It Pours

The mind has often been compared to the weather. We have all heard sayings like I feel under the weather or I feel dark clouds drawing in around me.

Yes our mind is a little weather like, though you must remember whatever pain or joy you are going through will change just like the weather. Everything is temporal in this life, nothing stays the same forever. Good times will pass just as bad ones. We can often feel like the heavens have gone dark and something or someone just wants to pee down on us. Yes it can be very bleak at times, but it is at times like this that we need to try our best to combat the conditions that confront us.

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