Rainbow Children

The third generation of star children, the rainbow children started arriving after 2000. They are here to help us with the next stage of the evolutionary process. They are slightly different in character to the indigo and crystal children which came before them. As suggested by their name, the rainbow children come to Earth with more than one ray of colour.
The arrival of a rainbow child in a family brings with it not only joy but also a sense of harmony. Rainbow children are happy, smiling children with huge hearts that are ready to forgive and love.

Psychic Children

I believe that all children possess psychic abilities, but that many are ignored, dismissed or even punished for voicing thoughts and feelings, relating to the spirit world. But, just as with other gifts and natural aptitudes, the depth and power of this ability will vary from child to child. Children do not judge.

They accept without question, because they are pure and innocent; Completely lacking in expectation, and as yet, not contaminated by the thoughts and opinions of others.

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The Miracle Of Life

Most of us don’t really think about life, and how special it is, until we are faced with death. There have been countless stories of people who have had a near death experience. A lot of these people have a new lease of life, when they recover; often, becoming more determined to live each minute doing the things they love to do and spending time with the people they love the most.

The miracle of life is creation itself; isn’t it amazing how a baby grows inside the womb? Modern science has shown us how the baby grows from a foetus, into a perfectly formed baby. And it doesn’t stop there; as we grow from children into adults, we are growing mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Life is abundant with opportunities to help us grow in all of these areas, including spiritually. We could call this a cycle: we are born, we grow and develop and then we die. If you are a believer in reincarnation, you can add rebirth, to this cycle of life.

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What Is The Rush

I was reading a newspaper earlier and I came across an old advert from the 1930s. The advert reads, Better a minute late in this world than 25 years too soon in the next.

Now that makes you think doesn’t it. The world has speeded up over the last few decades, everyone is in some rush to get somewhere, and not many are thinking through the consequences of how they get there. By rushing people run the risk of having an accident, or making mistakes within their life. It seems to be a bygone age when people took their time to do anything. It seems people want the next TV or the next car before they have even had the one they have got a year.

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In The Company Of Angels

A small voice, rising from within, asking for guidance and vision to help this soul on its journey. Inner struggles, turmoil, culminating to the point when it realises the futility of struggle, lets itself grow quiet.

From above, a dancing shimmer of light gently descends. enveloping the supplicant, in a warm enveloping blanket of love and healing.

Invisible hands gently stroke the troubled brow, touching the hair in a soft caress as a mother soothing her distressed child. Within a warmth starts to loosen the tight band which has encompassed a heart filled with care and worry.

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Life Is For The Living

We all need reminding at times that we are here to live a life, to find our destiny and to enjoy ourselves along the way. This life was not meant to be lived in constant worry, forget yesterdays pains, focus on the love that you can put into this moment instead.

Surely this moment is “the real life” what has gone has gone, what is in-front of us, is yet to be lived. Only in this moment do we truly live. You can never die, even in the spirit world you continue to live, you continue to evolve every aspect of your being.