Rainbow Children

The third generation of star children, the rainbow children started arriving after 2000. They are here to help us with the next stage of the evolutionary process. They are slightly different in character to the indigo and crystal children which came before them. As suggested by their name, the rainbow children come to Earth with more than one ray of colour.
The arrival of a rainbow child in a family brings with it not only joy but also a sense of harmony. Rainbow children are happy, smiling children with huge hearts that are ready to forgive and love.

The Treasure Of The Heart

Human beings are always striving to improve themselves. It is not just a social imperative, but comes from a inner sense of always feeling there is something else we should be doing with our lives, or doing what we do better. Or as that old adage says, we think that ‘the grass, is always greener on the other side’. Adding to the sense of discontent with what they have. People rarely appreciate this, until they no longer have it. Sadly, for many this realisation often comes too late.

We live in a society, where success is measured in terms of material success or social standing. We cannot entirely blame peer pressure for this, for the way in which we are made, means that ego is something that often leads people around by the nose. I believe it is primarily a inner motivated force. Though we will often try to blame others when things go wrong, as they often do.