Healing With Love

Whether you are aware of it or not. All of us can and do tap into the universal healing energy of love, on a regular basis. Every time you listen with patience and compassion to another person, or reach out a reassuring hand, you are becoming a channel of unconditional love. Every mother who holds her child close, wipes away a tear, who soothes hurts and fears; is a channel of healing love.

When people are in pain, be it emotional or spiritual. They often say how alone and lost they feel, and often push away those closest to them, who want to love and help them. Though I believe that we are always surrounded by love, the darkness of their thoughts and feelings in this state, creates a mantle of depression to settle on their shoulders; And it is this self erected barrier, that makes it difficult if not impossible for them to feel love. Feelings of despair and hopelessness can be a terrible thing. It is to those people I speak and to anyone who knows what it is like to feel lonely and  unloved.

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An Awakened Spirit

Humility and selfless love are the signs of an awakened spirit. Part of having an awakened spirit is the eagerness to learn, understand, and work for the well being of not only ones self but of others as well.Pride and arrogance are not really marks of a good person to begin with and even less so in a person with an awakened spirit. The same thing goes with unconditional love. With an awakened spirit, people will begin living in harmony with both nature and other people. Compassion and love would be equal regardless of race, nationality & culture.An awakened person, is intuitive, empathic and sees the world around them with intense clarity. Every fibre of your being is heightened and joy can be found in the simplest things. Sounds, light and movement a cacophony of delight that intoxicates the senses.

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Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is a precursor to modern chemistry which was widely practiced all over the world through the 1800s, when more modern chemistry began to displace it. This discipline involved a study of the chemical properties of various substances, with a mystical bent. The main principle being to transform ordinary base metals into Gold.

Spiritual alchemy, can be likened to this, as in transforming the basic material of man, mind body and spirit and transforming it to its purest and highest form. The gold of alchemy was simply hastened perfection, inner and outer, the divinization of matter and man.

In The Company Of Angels

A small voice, rising from within, asking for guidance and vision to help this soul on its journey. Inner struggles, turmoil, culminating to the point when it realises the futility of struggle, lets itself grow quiet.

From above, a dancing shimmer of light gently descends. enveloping the supplicant, in a warm enveloping blanket of love and healing.

Invisible hands gently stroke the troubled brow, touching the hair in a soft caress as a mother soothing her distressed child. Within a warmth starts to loosen the tight band which has encompassed a heart filled with care and worry.

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The Healing Power Of Light

As part of my own healing practice, I have often used light and colour to focus, amplify the healing process. To explore why light is so important in healing, you need to understand how light affects the body.

Sunlight plays a vital role in nourishing and energising the human body. It is vital, to get nutritional value from the food that we eat.

It has also been proven that getting enough sunlight aids in preventing chronic illness and ailments, such as osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and cancers affecting the bladder, breasts, cervix, colon, ovaries, prostrate and the stomach. It also protects from and alleviates, the affects of (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression.

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A Taste Of What Is To Come

Sometimes we can feel ourselves being raised up to heaven when we least expect it.

Obviously, we would wish to remain up there for ever, but it is not possible, as there is still so much keeping us tied to the world below!

If heaven grants us this grace, it is so that we may have a foretaste, an intuition, of the light-filled space we are destined to live in one day.