Natural Magic

Natural Magic is when we use natural laws to bring about positive changes. Natural magic has nothing to do with black magic or anything evil; it is about doing good things for other people and can include various forms of healing and herbalism.

Natural magic can also include things such as astrology, physics and chemistry, as these are disciplines that use natural laws to bring about certain effects. For instance, physics is the study of the universe. People are becoming increasingly aware of the power of positive thinking and manifestation. Physicists have shown that particles change their behaviour based on whether or not people were looking at them, or not. If all of the universe is made up of vibrating particles that create energy, then we can use this knowledge to manifest the things that will make us happier. Astrology uses the position of the planets to forecast future events and chemists use the periodic table of elements, which are natural substances that can be used to create compounds that can be used for various things, from medicine to electricity. Now isn’t that magic? – creating something new and useful, from things we find in the natural world.

Crystal healing is a form of natural magic, as crystals have been found to have special powers. Each crystal is thought to possess certain properties that can help with various problems from insomnia to lack of confidence. Some crystals are used for protection. White witches often use crystals in their spells.

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Black Magic

Black Magic, often known as the ‘dark arts’ has been around for centuries. It can be described as magic used for personal gain. In medieval times, those who were thought to be practising any sort of magic would be executed. The authorities did not distinguish between white and black magic – they assumed all magic was bad. Some of these assumptions still linger today; however, there is a fine line between white and black magic and it is important to know the difference. You may think that the simple love spell you are doing is safe, and won’t harm another, but do remember that people have free will, and any effects will be temporary. If you broke up for a reason, the same problem will surface again, unless you confront it with love and wisdom.

If you are interested in psychic phenomena and esoteric subjects such as the afterlife and angels, for example, you may decide to investigate further by doing some practical activities by yourself. You may wish to practise tarot or the crystal ball, for example. These activities, used properly, are not harmful, but it is best to visit a psychic rather than do these things by yourself. This is because psychics know how to use these tools and there is a common belief that it is impossible to read one’s own future. It is also thought to bring bad luck.

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Mind Magic

Mind Magic something that everyone can do. In fact, everyone performs mind magic all the time. This is the heart of great psychic activity. Morning, noon, and night, you are performing mind magic with your inner thoughts and dialogue that you engage in. You see that mind magic objectified and solidified in the form of the reality that you experience on a daily basis.

To understand mind magic, it is necessary to understand that what we see through our eyes is actually a reflection of what is going on in our mind! That is, reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true in our mind. Our eyes are simply tools that reflect back to us what we are projecting outward with the psychic energy within our mind.

Our mental capacity determines the circumstances and events of our experiential reality. The magic power of the mind can be seen in such phenomena as dreams, perspectives, and healing. Each of these aspects of mind magic affects the experiential reality that we participate morning, noon and night.

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The Inner Journey

I read this passage recently, from the book ‘Living Magically’ by Gill Edwards. I would like to share it with you.

“When the god’s created Heaven and Earth, according to an old Eastern story. They were left with just one problem; Where to hide TRUTH. They did not want it to be too obvious, since observing the search, would provide them with great amusement. One god suggested, placing it at the top of the highest mountain; another on the furthest star. A third god said, it should be hidden in the deepest and darkest abyss, and another the dark side of the Moon; the oldest and wisest god said, ‘No. We will hide the Truth inside the heart of each and every human being. That way, they will search for it, all over the Universe, before discovering it.”

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