Think Before You Speak

I am sure if asked, we have all been guilty at some point in our lives of saying something inappropriate. Or of speaking impulsively, without thinking. For the majority of people I believe this is not done with any real intention of offending. But for some individuals, it can be a trait that they pride... Continue Reading →

Daily Reflections

When you decide to further develop your spirituality, it is good to keep a daily journal. There are many things you can write in this journal; however, the main thing is that you update it, at least once, each day. When you write down your daily reflections, it is probably best to do this before... Continue Reading →

Recognition Of Dreams

It is impossible to categorize dreams strictly into type because each dream is different and therefore unique in its own right. They can, however, be recognized as basically literal, symbolic or a mixture of literal and symbolic imagery. Once this is discovered, the dream can then be seen as a warning dream, an encouraging dream,... Continue Reading →

The Calm Below The Surface

This time of the year the tides are high and the sea’s stormy and wild. As I watched the huge swells breaking against the shore line and the mad froth of the waves as they crashed against each other, I reflected, how often life is like that too. The sea being symbolic of the emotional... Continue Reading →

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