Spirit Guides

Anyone who has an interest in spiritualism or mediumship will have heard of the term ‘spirit guide’. Also sometimes referred to as a ‘guardian angel’.  It is believed that Spirit Guides are spiritual beings assigned to us throughout our lives. To watch over us and guide us through the journey of life. According to many spiritual and... Continue Reading →

The Spirit World

There are many questions people ask, about life and death, the most common one that comes from people is “What is the spirit world like”. Throughout history people have lay awake at night trying to work out what happens to you after death, or they wonder how vast the universe is. The workings of the... Continue Reading →

Totem Animal Spirit Guides

You are probably aware, since you are reading this site, that everyone has spirit guides. For those of you who don’t know much about them; they are people in spirit, who you may have known in a past life, or they could be deceased relatives who want to help you achieve the happiness you deserve.... Continue Reading →

Messages From Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are multidimensional beings that are assigned to us at or before the time of birth. Their purpose is to help and guide us through life as we go through Earth lessons and experiences. Spirit guides manifest themselves in all different forms. Everyone has at least one spirit guide that is assigned to us... Continue Reading →

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