Psychic Vampires

When someone mentions the term Psychic Vampires, most people will picture Dracula in their mind, sucking the blood from some innocent young girl. In reality the term has nothing to do with Dracula, bar being symbolic of someone stealing your energy to make themselves feel better. Psychic Vampires are more often than not needy people,... Continue Reading →

The Good Nazi

John Rabe was a Nazi expelled from the Nazi party because he had a Jewish grandparent. He went to China to work for the company Siemens. When Japan invaded china in 1937 he turned down the chance to flee, instead he decided to help the people of Nanjing, the former Capital of China. The Japanese... Continue Reading →

The Calm Below The Surface

This time of the year the tides are high and the sea’s stormy and wild. As I watched the huge swells breaking against the shore line and the mad froth of the waves as they crashed against each other, I reflected, how often life is like that too. The sea being symbolic of the emotional... Continue Reading →

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