The Enemy Within

The word enemy, conjures up a picture in the mind; of an adversary, protagonist or foe who means to do us harm. Or, it is someone to whom we hold feelings of great dislike and animosity towards. When someone thinks about what the word ‘enemy’ means to them; most people would associate it with another... Continue Reading →

How To Worry Less

In these modern times it is easy to worry about all kinds of things, from juggling work and childcare to whether or not you can afford to put food on the table. I know it is hard for many people but, if you can learn to worry less, you will find that your life becomes... Continue Reading →

Life Is For The Living

We all need reminding at times that we are here to live a life, to find our destiny and to enjoy ourselves along the way. This life was not meant to be lived in constant worry, forget yesterdays pains, focus on the love that you can put into this moment instead. Surely this moment is... Continue Reading →

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